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Shiatsu Talks: The Manager's Meridian

We all know how modern life and the fast pace environments we found ourselves in sometimes take a toll on our body. Fast #decision making, constant growth and increasing managerial #responsibilities even when handled with great skills can translate into tension, physical weakness and less adaptability to external change.

As a #Shiatsu practitioner the treatment starts as soon as the patient walks in: physical features, verbal and non verbal expressions provide, together with the professional and life background, a good indication of the best treatment the patient needs.

Today, I had the pleasure of giving a treatment to a great human and #manager who is safely navigating these rough waters of the "Sea of business during Covid". She's healthy and kickin' but we there was indeed some tension along the #Gallbladder meridian.

The Gallbladder meridian is indeed connected to decision making and therefore is called the Manger's meridian. The #tension stored there was cause by an excess of energy (and God if she has energy!) accumulating in the area due to the over stimulation of the processes connected to management and decision making.

It was Wren's first Shiatsu treatment and she was really surprised by how tension can accumulate in areas and how shiatsu goes deep and release the tension without being forceful, like melting from within.

This is just one of the ways Shiatsu can help us in our daily life, giving us a better quality of life and supporting us in our life goals and trials.

It was a pleasure to see you nice and refreshed after the treatment and we have the proof! (Yes, the picture)

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