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Shiatsu Talks: Shiatsu & Sleep

How important is sleep? Well, one way or another we all know. Whether you sleep few hours, the legendary 8 hours or you could spend your life in bed we all acknowledge the restoring and beneficial effect of a sound, deep sleep. It makes us face the day with energy and determination and and our mood is at its best.

Unfortunately life happens and our sleeping patterns can turn into an issue rather than a restoring process. Lying awake in bed, tossing and turning, waking up at night. Sleeping a lot and still feeling tired, having problems waking up or having issues adjusting to irregular times of sleeping.

Sleep is important not only as a source of rest but it can be a symptom of other elements of imbalance in the body that manifest into an unhealthy sleeping patter.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its "bodily functions clock" a recurring interruption in the sleep pattern can be an indicator of a an issue connected to a body function.

Through the wisdom of TCM Shiatsu tries to reinstate the body natural balance and act on specific meridians that might be at the cause of the irregular sleeping patter or revitalize and energize the body when sleep is not sufficient to give full rest to the body and needs an ally. Sleep is a great ally of our busy days and Shiatsu is a great ally of a restful, enjoyable and restoring sleep.

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