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Shiatsu Talk: Trauma and Stress Release

When we talk about #trauma and #stress we often immediately think of one or more experiences that affect us and have consequences in the mental and emotional sphere. In our imagination, trauma and stress belong to the realm of the mind.

For those who dive into the relations and connections between #mind and #body, it becomes soon pretty clear how they are two faces of the same coin, how they effectively mirror each other and how in the end we can act and influence one through the other.

In eastern philosophy and medicine, the wholeness of the mind/body and the dual action of many treatment has always been regarded skeptically by the western analytical thinking. Things are changing though.

Every day more, scientific investigation is accepting, through proven studies, the product of millennia of observation of the mind/body passed down through traditional practices and medicines. Recently, I found very fascinating discussion around #fascia and #tissue as storage of memories, emotions, stress and traumas.

Fascia has even been compared to a second nervous system and that cells can communicate on atomic level also these kind of information. It comes as no surprise to those who use manipulative techniques or holistic practices (#Shiatsu and #yoga among them) how by acting through the body we can get to the source and storage of traumas and stress, and help the release and a deep long lasting healing.

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