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Shiatsu and Male Sex

We all know #sex is always a hot topic and our general #wellness includes a healthy sex life, whatever that is for each one of us. A lot contributes to that: mental state, #work/life balance, #stress, #relationships, eating habits, physical complaints, and limitations; Imbalances in these factors can translate into physical or mental difficulties in the sexual act, like #impotence.

We talk about male genitals irrespective of gender identity or sexual preference. We differentiate because physiology is different from male and female organs as also the inherent yin/yang component is different in the organ, even though the yin/yang overall balance might differ for each individual.

While lack of libido is generally a transversal issue, the male incapacity of maintaining or triggering an #erection is lived many times with #anxiety and fear; it might make one drift away from healthy relationships and the benefits of a fulfilling and satisfying sex life or recur to drugs to compensate the issue, without actually solving it.

The male organ is traditionally connected to #Kidney energy, of drained they lack the potential of creating life, #Spleen and #Heart, if disturbed lead to a weak fire in the body or disruption in the absorption of nutrient and #Liver energy, strongly connected to blood, which could be stagnating.

While the first step to tackle these issues is through a better lifestyle, through Shiatsu we can placate, move or remove energy and tension in specific areas affected by generating a beneficial targeted and positive rebound effect to tackle impotence and #erectile #dysfunctions.

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