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In order to ensure a low risk of spreading, we kindly ask you to:

- Cancel an appointment/class if you have symptoms that can clearly be connected to a COVID 19 infection.
- Masks are available on-site whether it would be required/advised

- Please sanitize your hands when entering the practice space


What should I wear/bring?

Yoga classes: Comfortable clothes, a towel, and your personal yoga mat (if you have one)

Shiatsu & Reiki: Comfortable clothes are ideal but normal daywear is also ok. These treatments are performed fully clothed

Oil massage: This treatment requires to be naked or in your underwear

What should I eat/drink?

Yoga classes: Be on an empty stomach and try not to drink/eat anything at least 1 hr before the practice

Shiatsu & Reiki: Advised not to have big meals before the treatment

Oil massage: Advised not to have big meals before the treatment

Can I shower after the treatment/practice?

Yes, a shower is available on site


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