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Shiatsu Talks: Shiatsu & Pregnancy

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Thanks to the beautiful model!

In such a special, but also delicate moment as #pregnancy, we all wonder what is best for the baby and the mother.

When we talk about physical manipulation especially there is a lot of fear around it that could prevent an expecting mother from enjoying and much needed treatment with many beneficial effects (for the whole family!).

The question is: Is #Shiatsu safe and advised during pregnancy?

The answer is: YES!

The only time you should not use Shiatsu or massage is when you need emergency medical treatment and extra care must be taken during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

#Acupressure can be very beneficial to treat #nausea, #fatigue, increase the circulation in the legs which are often affected areas (even joy has its weight!) and much more!

Medical reasons aside, a Shiatsu treatment is generally a way to reconnect with your body, release #stress, #anxiety and worries. It is a tool to train the body and the mind to be fit and adaptable to change and the outer environment, and what's a greater body change than pregnancy?!

It's also a chance to treat yourself and experience Shiatsu differently with a warmer, caring, upholding and reinvigorating session.

Shiatsu is for everyone.

Indigo Shiatsu

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